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Transportlösung mit fahrzeugmontiertem Computer

Von: Winmate Inc.

Transportlösung mit fahrzeugmontiertem Computer
Transportlösung mit fahrzeugmontiertem Computer

Startdatum:  10. Mai 2022 09:22

Winmate's full line of rugged vehicle-mount computers, designed to fit seamlessly into forklifts and other warehouse vehicles, will help minimize errors, streamline ordering and inventory management, and improve operational efficiencies. Winmate offers Android and Windows-based options with application-focused features such as wireless communications, external antennas, broad power input, and ignition control.
Industry Challenges
Smart cities need to have an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) which may satisfy their transportation demands. Transit in a brilliant city should be hassle-free, eco-friendly, and communal and connected cars for better public transportation services—an ITS deals with these through far better visitor traffic management, squadron, and electricity administration. The most effective fit for this is the Electric Vehicle, which also deals with the future's energy issues. EVs are geared up along with intellect, i.e., Autonomous Electric Vehicles (AEVs), including the standard and the linked level called for by a brilliant area.
Winmate has technology know-how for the production and development of in-vehicle computers.
  • Strong vibration
    Tablet PCs in any means of transportations are subject to strong vibrations.
  • Wide range temperature
    Depending on the season, the outside temperature can range from below 0 °C to more than 40 °C.
  • Unstable power supply
    Vehicle mounted computers and rugged tablet PCs deployed in the train cabin must have a solution to protect from an unstable power supply, power loss, or power surge.
  • Wireless communications
    Wireless technologies connect all data processor, to monitors and sensors in the train.
  • Extreme operating environment
    Advanced mobile solutions for system monitoring should perform stably even in the most challenging conditions: strong vibration,, varying temperature, and rain.
  • Overview
    Winmate provides the total solution for information display and computing for railway transportation. In the control room, Winmate offers displays of various sizes and a full array of mounting options for limited installation space in trains. Our EAC computer box provides I/O, thermal, and anti-shock requirements in a train for computing needs. Also, for passengers on board, we have displays to show timing information and playback entertainment or advertisement clips.
    Our rugged mobile solutions for transportation include:
  • E-Mark certified rugged tablet
  • EN50155 EMC G-WIN Rugged Panel PC