JAC Coupling Co.,Ltd

69, Saebyuck-ro, Sasang-gu,
Busan 617-020

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Firmeninformationen JAC Coupling Co.,Ltd


Coupling, Gear Coupling, Disk Coupling, Micro Coupling, Rubber Coupling, Tire Coupling, Wiredrum Coupling, Grid Coupling, Jaw Coupling, Flexible Coupling, BrakeDrum Coupling, Universal joint, Wind Power

#Main products
1)Composite coupling
2)Wind turbine coupling
3)Gear coupling
4)Jaw flexible coupling

-For power transmission Coupling

#About JAC Coupling Co.,Ltd
JAC Coupling Co., Ltd. has been supplying the high quality industrial power transmission couplings that are not only in the Korean
domestic market but also in the major industrial countries in the world.
Our business philosophy is based on a long-termapproach and we are dedicated to providing customer service and satisfaction.
Technical expertise is a key component of our business. Therefore, we take every measure necessary to provide the support required by our customers. As you are a new partner, we will find the best possible solutions for all of your challenges that are related to utilizing couplings for your needs.

Allgemeine Informationen

Gründungsjahr 1977
Co.Registration No 606-86-20002
Art des Unternehmens Hauptsitz
Fax +82 51 3170855
Webseite http://www.jacoup.co.kr/


  • Typ:

    ISO 9001, ATS, TUV, BV, AMSC, DNL-GL

Produkte JAC Coupling Co.,Ltd

1 Produkt

Kennzahlen JAC Coupling Co.,Ltd


  • Vor Ort

    Von 50 bis 99 Beschäftigte

  • Firma

    Von 50 bis 99 Beschäftigte


  • 2016

    15 to 75 million KRW

  • 2015

    15 to 75 million KRW

  • 2014

    15 to 75 million KRW

Führungskräfte JAC Coupling Co.,Ltd

Infos über Führungskräfte

Baek-sul Han

Vorstandsvorsitzender / Präsident Verwaltungsorgan

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